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Here are some upcoming events you are SURE to enjoy!  These venues appreciate accurate head counts so please RSVP today! When taking Cell Camera PHOTOS PLEASE TEXT THEM TO US at 727 678 6707 so we can add them to our gallery – THANKS -

AND If you find a problem with any of the buttons here to purchase – please call Sheryl at 727 678 6707 because we would not know otherwise.  Thanks for supporting the club.


We’ve been to Twisted Martini, Manhattan, Leo’s, Twisted Olive, Oldsmar Tap House, The Brass Tap, Repeal 18,  and MORE.  Now…..

fergsFerg’s Sports Bar Feb 21st and 28th

Details at

dating-safari1.jpgDATING SAFARIS...Let’s DO something!  These Dating Safaris give us a chance to experience things together.  We need your RSVP early so that we can book space and time with these companies so sign up today and block your calendar.


heart danceLove in 90 Days Action Club – Third one starts in April This will be our third group – our first group was so successful and we’ll tell you all about it. Purchase this book (Love in 90 Days) what and read it before class. My friend Angela told me about it and how you must commit to 10 hours a week to “work the program” This is NOT for sissies! I quickly realized how much MORE fun it would be to have a group of women take on this book and challenge! We  share where we’re going, what we’re doing, what’s working, and how we’re using this great information. 4 out of 5 of us found out last loves in 90 days in the first group!  We learned valuable information that has changed how we think and communicate with men. It’s a Monday evening opp and we will be no more than 6-10 women. We would hold it at my home in Westchase. There’s a weekly charge of  $10 and that would include drinks and snacks and the SUPPORT we will get from each other.  (The author of the book charges thousands) It will last from – 6-8pm

Details at


pp lightbulbConnect Your People Puzzle   Find your SOULMATE! Wonder why some people are easy to talk with and others… it’s like they’re speaking a foreign language you don’t understand?  Yes opposites DO attract but what allot of work just trying to meet “half way”.  Come learn how to “pay attention” to words chosen, cars driven, profiles written, and clothes worn to help you pick the easier “soul mate” personality for YOU.  You’ll take your own assessment to understand your own communication style and needs are and how to avoid attracting and choosing that opposite!  This workshop will not only improve your love choices, it will help in your family and business relationships - GUARANTEED!  This program is usually $250 per person but Singles Out and About is sponsoring the difference along with Reviewdeos so your 3 hour educational investment is only $49 with workbook.  Call Sheryl at 727 678 6707 if you want PERSONAL and PRIVATE Coaching on this topic

Details at

red heelsUPCOMING SPEED DATING EVENT- February 19th 2015

Per your request we scheduled this for you 50-65 year olds. 
Speed dating is a FUN and quick way to get in front of serious singles who are looking to for something more than a one night stand. You come prepared with an open mind and “looking good”. Think about the characteristics you are looking for and what are “deal breakers” for you in a relationship. You get to ask your own questions and anonymously write down whether you would take a phone call from this person and see them again. You never know where that might lead but it’s better than staying at home and waiting for someone to drag you out of your house! THAT’s not ever going to happen. You have to be active, positive, and open to the adventure -THIS year CAN be YOUR year if you are Single and Out and About!  It will be at Daddy’s Grill in Oldsmar.  Sign up at


What should I wear? Remember you only get 7 seconds for that first impression. And chemistry is high on men’s’ list of expectations. So dress to impress unless that’s “not your thing”.
What’s the process? It’s easy – it’s like musical chairs without the music. EVERY person will have the opportunity to meet everyone there.
Should I bring anything? YES it helps to be prepared with some questions that will build rapport quickly and help you make a decision on whether you would like more time with this person in the future.
What if I’m NOT interested in someone? No one needs to ever know. At the end of the event you will provide the numbers (not names) of the person or persons you would like to see again. If they too have got your “number” then we will send you an email with their contact information and send your information to them. Then it’s in YOUR hands to make that next connection with a phone call.

This is a FUN event with MANY success stories. We need an accurate head count so it is a MUST that you pre-register – no one gets in the night of the event.
Be brave, have fun, take risks, and SIGN UP today – invite friends who are not yet members to come too

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  1. I am single and would like to learn more about your group!! I work in tickets sales for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team.

  2. Claire L. Hart says: -#1

    Really like the look of these events & the new name.

  3. Claire L. Hart says: -#1

    What is the date for the Golfers Grail? Saw the time 6-8 but not the date.

  4. March 13th – It should be a GREAT event because we have 2 golfer’s groups coming too! Watch the video to get excited.

  5. Hi ALL – IF the site and pay buttons are NOT working for whatever reason – you can always email me and RSVP – that will hold your spot.

  6. Hi Dana – it’s at Flamestone Restaurant on Tampa Road in Oldsmar 6-9 pm

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